How it Works

Governor Hogan is the first governor in Maryland history to forcefully speak out and take action against gerrymandering and has made numerous attempts to get the Maryland legislature to pass a non-partisan redistricting commission into law. While many legislators will readily acknowledge that gerrymandering is bad and that voting is a civil rights issue, they have refused to take action on any of the Governor’s legislation.

The good news is that the next reapportionment process is about to begin, an opportunity exists to return Maryland electoral districts to recognizable and common-sense shapes and sizes. Sticking to his commitment to free and fair elections, Governor Hogan has ordered the creation of the new maps by an independent, non-partisan commission. However, the commission’s good faith effort and eventual work product will in no way guarantee that the Maryland General Assembly will accept the new maps. Learn more about the Citizens redistricting commission here. And that is where our work begins.

Fair Maps Maryland will utilize grassroots organizing, earned and paid media to educate Marylanders and elected officials about the disastrous consequences of politically motivated gerrymandering while strongly encouraging support for the electoral districts and maps created by the independent and non-partisan Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Maryland Redistricting Timeline:

  • Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission Created

    Governor Hogan holds press conference announcing creation of the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission and open portal for Marylanders to apply

  • Census State Population Totals

    U.S. Census Bureau delivers state population totals to President Biden and Congress

  • Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission Members Announced

    Governor Hogan announces members of the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission
  • Public Hearings Round 1

    Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission to conduct first round of regional public hearings

    Regions (Eastern Shore, Northern Maryland, Southern Maryland, Western Maryland, Central Maryland, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County)
  • Census Data Provided

    U.S. Census Bureau to provide states with data needed to conduct redistricting process

  • Public Hearings Round 2

    Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission to conduct second round of regional public hearings

  • Congressional and Legislative Maps Released

    Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission to release congressional and legislative maps to the public
  • Legislative Session 2022

    Start of Maryland legislative session

    Per the Maryland Constitution, the governor is to present his plan (maps) no later than the first day of the legislative session. If the General Assembly has adopted a plan by the 45th day, that plan becomes law. If no plan has been adopted, the governor’s plan becomes law.